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Japanese Elected Official Barred from Meetings for Wearing Wrestling Mask

OITA  ~ “Skull Reaper Eiji” (transliterated as “Skull Reaper A-ji” by the Western press) was elected to the city council in this city on the southernmost Japanese island of Kyushu back in February promising local folks educational reform and improved social welfare facilities. He managed to garner only 2,828 votes, but that was enough to win him a seat. Eiji, 44, was supposed to attend his first council meeting this week, but his tight-assed council colleagues sucker-punched him by barring him from the meetings until he removed his wrestling mask. The Skull Reaper is the third masked politician elected to public office in Japan.  [TIME ~ Politician Banned for Wearing Wrestling Mask] [youtube]Qid_vhLZPQ4[/youtube]

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UPDATED: Newly Released Files Detail Former Panther Richard Aoki’s Relationship With FBI

UPDATE: A Bay Area journalist’s accusation that a Japanese American Black Panther Party co-founder was a paid FBI informant sent shock waves through the Asian/Pacific Island American communities last month and triggered angry denials from former activists, academics and those who knew the accused  personally.  But author-journalist Seth Rosenfeld, who originally accused Richard Aoki of being a government snitch in his book, Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power, says newly released documents “confirm” that Aoki, who committed suicide in March 2009, was an informant from 1961 to 1977. Following Rosenfeld’s accusations, Aoki’s biographer, Diane Fujino,  chairwoman of UC Santa Barbara’s Asian American Studies Department and the author of Samurai Among Panthers: Richard Aoki on Race,...

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