Giant Robot Store Kool Things – The Guide

Daily Picks

It’s expanded a bit for today, but the fun products still ring out loud. We’d like to think we have something for everyone. You simply browse the store as well.


Takashi Murakami Print. If I Could Do This, If I Could Only Do That Print A special gift that’ll only go up in value? It’s a Murakami print. Takashi Murakami only grows every year. How he does it, we can’t understand, but the art world does and his work is cute and will live for a very long time. ($1325)

Slingshot Organizer 2012. We get these every year and people love them. It’s punk, it has history, and each day has a special factoid including, How to Deal with the police, Leap Day Revolt and an explanation of critical thinking. ($6)


Lucky Cat Eraser. These are the cutest animals and they’re erasers. Don’t be afraid to use them, they’re inexpensive and handy! ($1ea)

kozyndan Uprisings Print Based on the Hokusai print, kozyndan’s rendition is via bunnies! Cute and great, this goes anywhere. ($20)


Have a Nice Trip! Folder. Going somewhere? No, you don’t have to go anywhere for these Japanese three section folders. At 4.75″ x 7″ you can take it with you. ($3) 

Hidden Poe. This is a rarity from Uglydoll and we have some left at the lowest price possible. ($20)