Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Rob Sato

Rob Sato is originally from Sacramento but now calls Echo Park is home. He showed at the Giant Robot Biennale 2 in 2009 and will show again in the Biennale part 3 in 2012. A long time supporter of Giant Robot, the fast witted Sato has an interesting sense of humor and a distinctive laugh. His art speaks of his hard work and attention to detail. You can see his work on the cover of Giant Robot 62, and we do carry some of his other handiworks at Giant Robot.



But there’s more. Sato isn’t a great self promoter, but he does stock a number of his prints which are available at his site.

There are also further selections at:

“The Choice Cut Cult”, the occult sushi menu print for sale at NUCLEUS GALLERY
“Land Admiral Lefebvre’s Fleet…” (below) print from TRAPEZE EDITIONS