GR2 – Robots Art Exhibition

9/24 was a special night.

It’s hard to put into words we have for 9/24. Thanks is easy to say, but for us at this moment, thanks means everything. We have to thank the artists involved and the buyers too, there were many of you. We have 99 art pieces and our walls are filled. Throughout the night, many of our artist friends and close customers wished us well.

The evening started with a visit from artist James Jean. We can’t thank him enough and he even modelled the DRx vest. It was his birthday event soon after, but he still stopped by. There were also numerous folks milling around. Who were they? Why were they there? It was the special Grody figure from our comrade Luke Rook, who’s now in Tokyo. He made a run of a vinyl figure just for us. At 6:30, the price list was released and we were pleased at the maturity and kindness by the art and toy collectors. We’ve seen anger and fighting, but gladly all were as kind and “gentlemanly” as can be. We thank them too.

As the night continued, a great array of food courtesy of gr/eats and “mom” appeared, and by the end of the night, the food was decimated. I almost got a taste of something. See the cake? It says “Thank You” in mom font.

Many artists who we support and at the same time, support us came through to say hello. The night flew by, it was nearly a blur. We are touched.



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