GR2 Busy Beaver Button Making Evening – Photos

Button Making with Busy Beaver Button Co’s Christen Carter is a crowd pleaser. Anyone who walked into GR2 was stoked into making buttons. How often do you walk into a shop and get to make something so complete as a button? Some drew and some collaged and created wearable art. Buttons are a ubiquitous accessory these days that a) spreads a message and/or b) compliments attire and makes people happy. Here’s a photo set of the event.

That’s Christen Carter operating the 2 1/4 inch button maker. It takes just a moment and the results, super cool.


This little dude is named Connor. He walked in, drew two button in a minute and left with a smile. Check out them baby teeth.


After he left, I realized, this was Justin Chon from the Twilight movies. I met him a while ago for an instant. He was also in Crossing Over. Take a look at the screen cap of the GR Sticker right next to him. Yes, I guess we’re cosmically connected, perhaps by an art director.


Some came super prepped up with photo clips and more to turn into buttons.


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