GR2: David Choe - Snowman Monkey BBQ Signing Time Lapse and Photo Set

David Choe made another triumphant return to Giant Robot to sign his new book, Snowman Monkey BBQ. From when I met him in the 90s, it was an easy bet that he'd be successful. It was just a matter of time. It wasn't an easy road, and when a roadblock hindered his path, he'd always find a way out. Choe was part of the old school, but forged a new-school way of "making it". He's like Banksy, but without the need of mystery. His life and interests are put forth in print, Instagram, and so on. 

Today, it's great to see the new level of "Choe fan". A decade ago, the kids who liked his illustration work in Giant Robot and Slow Jamz, are now working adults. Many of them came for the signing, although many others, saw the long line, and left. 

The latest generation of fans, know of him through his work with Vice, his podcast, DVD/ASA, and his band, Mangchi. About 200 waited to meet him, and the line stretched down the block. They purchased books, and got signatures and pictures. He also quickly drew quick sketches. 

The inevitable, "you saved my life," came up. Choe's response, "ok, how did I save your life?" And inevitably, something strange followed. This time, it was a "Tai-chi Dub Step" interpretive dance to Aerosmith and then Mangchi. A kid named "Tai-D" dropped his sex addiction, and now dances for three hours a day. He lost 70 pounds, and attributes his life change to the podcast. The exact question of "how?" is still a mystery.

The rest of the night went by without much incident, and Choe graciously stayed until the end - about four hours (11pm).

As always, I thank everyone for their support. 

Flicker Photo Set link.


The Time Lapse that shows the setting up of the camera, to David Choe's arrival, to him sitting, then laying down and getting a massage, then the Tai-chi dub step dude in the left corner.