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Ten Reasons Why Designer Con is the Best Convention

Dean Gojobori and Sean Chao at the GR Booth Giant Robot has shown at a variety of conventions for two decades. I might be disavowing previous joyous occasions by saying Designer-Con is the best of them all. Surely, many are busier including the grandfather of all conventions, San Diego Comic Con, but none have the passion and joy that comes with Designer-Con. (see the Full Photo Set from Designer Con) Uamou Booth at D-Con   Here are Ten Reasons why Designer Con is the Best 1) The name, Designer Con, began representing the "Designer toy" scene, but has smartly opened it's doors to "designers" of many types of objects. It's the premier "indie" creator event that's geared towards art, toys, figures, and plush. There...

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Bartholomew Punchyface Plush – Scott Tolleson and Luke Chueh

The bear that gets pushed around and bullied, it’s Bartholomew Punchyface. Imagine how far indie plush has come. The quality is amazing. Check out the details in the photos. The sleeve and knee patches are doubled up like how some of us used to do it back in the day. The pants are actually cords! The back butt area has BVDs that’s loose enough so you can give Bart a wedgie! The belt is really a belt! Yes it’s a plush, but this one is deluxe compared to the rest. See the pics. Great work 3DRetro, we’re not just saying it.

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