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On Radio – Is it Hip to Be Asian?

KPCC brought up the topic and Angryasianman Phil Yu and I “appeared” on radio to talk about it. The title went one way, the talk went kind of in another direction, as a lot of conversation revolved around stereotypes and the myths and or breaking of them. Yet, why would one think it’s “hip to be Asian?” 15 minutes or so won’t cover it, yet it’s a conversational topic that’ll be brought up when ever a hit single, TV show or Asian themed current event hits the air. (KPCC – Hip to Be Asian).

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The Greatest “Thing” in America

The once-in-a-lifetime event of visiting America’s premier building, The White House can’t be compared to much of anything. I haven’t been everywhere, but I have been to the Empire States Building, the original WTC and the Statue of Liberty. I’ve also seen Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon and Devil’s Tower. There are many beautiful places, both natural and man-made that are “more” historical and maybe untethered to society while being greatly symbolic. Yet, The White House is arguably the greatest “Thing” in America. In the late 80′s, the big news of crack cocaine was purchased where? Shockingly, it was across the street from The White House. It was allegedly set up, but the effect, thanks to the bust location made headlines....

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