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The Greatest “Thing” in America

The once-in-a-lifetime event of visiting America’s premier building, The White House can’t be compared to much of anything. I haven’t been everywhere, but I have been to the Empire States Building, the original WTC and the Statue of Liberty. I’ve also seen Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon and Devil’s Tower. There are many beautiful places, both natural and man-made that are “more” historical and maybe untethered to society while being greatly symbolic. Yet, The White House is arguably the greatest “Thing” in America. In the late 80′s, the big news of crack cocaine was purchased where? Shockingly, it was across the street from The White House. It was allegedly set up, but the effect, thanks to the bust location made headlines....

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John Woo Returning to US Action Movies

Day of the Beast, a lesser known Japanese film originally titled Youth of the Beast by Seijun Suzuki from 1963 will be remade with John Woo. The writer is from reality TV which is a scare, but overall, if it’s sheer action, it might end up being over the top fun. John Woo made the infamous The Killer and Hardboiled before he went on to a rocky US career. Face Off might be one of his best projects state side. (Hollywood Reporter - John Woo)

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