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20,000 Bootleg Bags, Seized in China

Bootleg bags seized! 20,000? Is that all? Yes, they fakes are everywhere. But just recently, a 73 person ring was busted in Southern Guangdong, and the bootleg gangs history? They’ve sold nearly 1 million fake bags. Multiple locations were shut down and 20,000 bags were seized and who knows if this is a large operation, or a small one. (Inquirer – Bootleg Gang)

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CCTV Used in Theaters to Catch Pirates

The eye in the sky are enabled at least in movie theaters in parts of Asia. Why? To nab offenders who are recording the screens themselves to make bootlegs. The article originates from Malaysia. They true reason doesn’t seem to be the hardcore pirates who are intending to make bootlegs for mass consumption. Those probably happen much higher up, as in the execs themselves. (The Star  - Pirates)

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