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Japan Invades China Theme Park – Defend!

Oh my… for Japanese in China, this might help. Instead of killing you, folks can go to a theme park, and pretend they’re killing you. Meanwhile, you can remain in hiding or say you’re Korean. Re-enact the taking of a village or defending against having your sister taken away as a comfort woman. At 80 million to make, it was probably a quick build. This is the perfect time to capitalize on the border dispute with Japan. Chinese business people can be amazing. (The Atlantic – Japan VS China themepark)

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Tibet Theme Park in the Works

4.7 billion dollars to create a tourism spot, but for what? It seems odd to announce a theme park project amidst the problem that exist between China and Tibet. What will be there? Genocide World? Dying Monks Mountain? As written in (VOA News – Tibet) “…Exiles, like Tenzin in New York, do feel free to speak out. He is calling for worldwide campaign to block the project. “This is going to destroy our history,” he said, “and this will not benefit the Tibetan people in the long-run.”

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Kinect Theme Park in Korea

From Engadget: “Live Park uses 3D video, holograms and augmented reality, interacting with RFID wrist bands and Kinect sensors to stitch together a continuous immersive story. You (and your avatar!) have 65 attractions, over seven themed zones, and the world’s biggest interactive 360 degree stereoscopic theater to wave, jump and shout your way through.” Engadget also put in the press release. At $13 million for a budget, it doesn’t seem as much as you’d think. It’s built for licensing and big business. It also makes mention that it’s like Avatar!

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