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Japan, Jail for Downloaders

Downloading material or backing up a DVD might lead to jail time and a 25k fine for the offenders in Japan. It gets worse if you choose to share. A $125k fine. Not much more to say, but we’ll see how many prosecutions will happen. Otakus shall share! (Wired – Copyright)

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Hong Kong Film Industry Says YouTube Aids & Abets Piracy of Top Box Office Hits

The Hong Kong Motion Pictures Industry Association (MPIA) is urging the world’s largest video-sharing website, YouTube, to enforce international copyright infringement measures after finding footage from some of its blockbuster box-office hits like Love in the Buff and some 200 other films available for free online. This week, the HK association blamed YouTube for estimated losses of $308 million, adding that YouTube was slow to remove the illegally uploaded version of Love in the Buff, even after Media Asia, the film’s producers, filed a formal complaint. HK filmmakers say a recent search found some of their most popular hits available on the Google-owned YouTube servers, including Hong Kong Film Awards winners: A Simple Life, The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Echoes...

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CCTV Used in Theaters to Catch Pirates

The eye in the sky are enabled at least in movie theaters in parts of Asia. Why? To nab offenders who are recording the screens themselves to make bootlegs. The article originates from Malaysia. They true reason doesn’t seem to be the hardcore pirates who are intending to make bootlegs for mass consumption. Those probably happen much higher up, as in the execs themselves. (The Star  - Pirates)

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