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Thank you for coming through. When the idea of a “reading” was happening, I was picturing Ed Lin reading out of his book, or perhaps notes or anecdotes, but it turned into something else. A reading event with poets. At first it was a strange thought. In reality, it’s merely art form. You only have to listen and try and absorb the sounds, the words, and the tones of what’s being said. There’s a dynamic range of the many styles and this night showed it all. It started with Franny Choi (below), who’s a slam poet. She’s a competitor and brings an animated and strong performance to her words. She’ll grab everyone’s attention every second.


Chiwan Choi’s work is touching, subtle compared to Franny Choi (no relation), and his works are introspective yet mainting a hard hitting quietness, like a silent assassin.


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