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Giant Robot in Honolulu Academy Blog

Meet Giant Robot’s Eric Nakamura: Connecting with people through art In 1994, Eric Nakamura was a cool 24-year-old Japanese-American punk skater in LA into art and film. There wasn’t a publication that spoke to him and his interests, so he started his own. It was a zine called Giant Robot. (It was a golden age of zines and upstart magazines—the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal launched in 1993, and Vice was born in 1996.) With the publishing landscape drying up, Nakamura printed his final issue in 2011, but by that time he also oversaw Giant Robot stores and the GR2 art gallery, and the name is as influential as ever in the realm of hip design that skews kawaii. In fact,...

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Giant Robot Day Honolulu Museum of Art

Ako Castuera, myself, Aaron Padilla, Rob Sato, Matt Ortiz, Allison Wong, Yoskay Yamamoto, and Luke Chueh at the Honolulu Museum of Art Contempo #Artshop. The day finally arrived. Saturday was a wonderful day of art talk, demos, a mini GR pop up shop, and GR pop up gallery. I'm thankful for the effort of an institution and the many folks who helped out. "Giant Robot Day at the Honolulu Museum of Art - Contempo #Artshop took place on saturday and it was an mind and heart filling experience. The Day and Giant Robot pop up is a testament to the excitement and energy that a “zine-turned-magazine-turned-many things” project creates after 21 years."  There are many emotions that came out of this...

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GR Gallery at Honolulu Museum of art Spalding House - Explaining the Work

The Giant Robot pop up exhibition at Honolulu Museum of Art is up and ready. I explained some of the work the volunteers and docents who I've said in the past are the most important folks at a museum. When questions get asked, they need to answer. If they don't know, they need to know something to placate a visitor. From experience, a docent or volunteer can't know everything, and there is always someone who leaves unsatisfied with their answers, but those are far in between the folks who do leave with a great experience.  I wrote more and included many more preview images at (Yomyomf 25 Artwork Picks - Honolulu Museum First Look Preview) The exhibition is up, the labels...

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