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The day began with Harry Kim holding his own by charming a few and being the pitbull of a director he is. David Choe showed up a bit later and they signed away. Those who came did see some mini events. The arm wrestling of Harry vs a visitor lasting a lot longer than one would think.

The challenge was put out. Harry Kim vs anyone.

The anyone won. Look at his chompers! More photos below!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – DVD Signing at Giant Robot 2 Dirty Hands The Art and Crimes of David Choe DVD Signing  at Giant Robot 2   SUNDAY September 18 2-4pm GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 445-9276 Giant Robot will host a DVD signing of Dirty Hands The Art and Crimes of David Choe with director Harry Kim. David Choe is scheduled to be there as well. You probably know of the artist David Choe – and this is his life story. From his early days, to his Japan prison stint, to the current day excitement, you’ll traverse the jagged story line of his life. The film is an original portrayal filmed over nearly a decade of time and it’s now available with extra commentary of Choe’s own mother to a bonus disc of footage. Director Harry Kim began this project as a USC film student and has travelled the world with Choe with both the film and with their web series “Thumbs Up”. DVD’s will be available for sale. Giant Robot was born as a Los Angeles-based magazine about Asian, Asian-American, and new hybrid culture in 1994, but has evolved into a full-service pop culture provider with shops and galleries in Los Angeles as well as an online equivalent.   Eric Nakamura Giant Robot Owner/Publisher (310) 479-7311                
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