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Mayor Eric Garcetti Asian American Roundtable

Mayor Eric Garcetti geared up and wore the Giant Robot pin - the orange Big Boss Robot head when we took a photo yesterday in his meeting room. I was there along with a contingent of Asian Americans as part of a roundtable discussion about issues surrounding the Asian American community. I can admit that I felt dwarfed by the great orgs represented, but then again Giant Robot has a long track record of providing and working with others with no subsidization from grants or government.  It has to be normal that anyone who speaks will bring up what their group needs most. So there were some specifics that wouldn't apply to me, whether it's funding or some type or city...

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Smalltown, USA: Mar Vista Block Party

Next Mayor? Jan Perry and my mother.   Mar Vista is a neighborhood located in the Westside of Los Angeles containing parts of well trafficked streets: the famous Venice Blvd which spans from downtown to Muscle Beach, the infamous Sawtelle Blvd – the bottom portion from the “Sawtelle” neighborhood, the secret artery – Palms, and Centinela which connects both Santa Monica airport to LAX. All neighborhoods have plenty of streets, each having their important characteristics, Mar Vista is part of that lore. There’s been signs on the idyllic Charnock Avenue near where my parents live (yes there are garden islands on this two lane street) advertising a Block Party. It takes place annually just one block from my parents house....

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