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Little Asian Breaks Bully’s Leg

  A much smaller Asian guy accidentally breaks leg of bully, then he actually tries to help him. He should have taken a few free shots for respect first. Instead, it’s getting blamed for the broken leg and back to being bullied the next day. Or… the bully may have a change of heart and they’ll become friends… yeah right. Either way, he’s either being a gentleman or he’s just trying to kiss up. This needs to get on Bully Beatdown. (Liveleak)  

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Hong Kong vs Mainland Chinese

Things get heated in Hong Kong and we’re not talking about just eating noodles on a train. Mainlanders who are in Hong Kong are doing things their own way, and not adapting to the conditions of their surroundings. Below is a video of eatings noodles on a train as reported in Asian Week. You’re not supposed to eat on the train, yet the mainlanders aren’t budging that it was something they aren’t supposed to do. Yet it gets worse. For you without jobs and can watch something disgusting, a video recently appeared of a mainlander defecating on the streets of Hong Kong as well. [youtube]wEComrx76uY[/youtube]

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Yingluck Shinawatra Prime Minister of Thailand / Filipino Mayor Punches Sheriff

Yingluck Shinawatra is on the front page as well, elected as the first Thailand Prime Minister. At 43, and the younger sibling of a controversial PM who was ousted via the military, claims she’s her own person and not a puppet, but it seems like she’s not. It depends what you read. But some say she’s good looking, and in this photo she is, but then some say, nooooo via other photos! (CNN - Yingluck Shinawatra)       Yeah, it made it to the front page of CNN too. Love the aqua polo shirt, and the right handed punches by the female mayor who has some biceps. (CNN – Video) Yeah, it’s a slow news day for sure. The last...

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