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Jellyfish Hunting in Georgia

Asians have eaten jellyfish as an ingredient for ages, but for Georgian fisherman, this is a huge crop. It’s technically not an animal, according to some vegans since they have no nervous system. They’re like floating plants, but the word “fish” persists which keeps many away. It has a crunch, a flavor that tastes simple yet offers a strange experience. Add soy sauce, it’ll taste like soy sauce. After you get over it, it becomes a staple. No big deal, but gladly it’s an alternative food source. (VOA news – Jellyfish)

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Chinese Chopsticks—From Georgia

“Americus has the ideal type of wood for making chopsticks. The abundant forests of poplar and sweet gum trees in the area strike the perfect balance between hardness and softness.” Now, we’re pretty sure some clean-cut good old boy in a nice suit didn’t visit a delegation of stern Chinese government officials with a beautiful display case of Georgia-made chopsticks and say “What do ya’ll think about these fine, hand-crafted specimens”. But it’s fun to think about exactly how the ironically-named town of Americus, Georgia ended up supplying millions of these essential eating utensils to the world’s largest communist country. In truth, it has everything to do with Korean-born American entrepreneur Jae Lee, who founded Georgia Chopsticks in Americus last...

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