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Uglycon2016 Event Photos and Round Up

Uglycon 2016 at GR2 opening took place on July 9th. It spanned from the AM to about 6pm. It's a fun filled day and it shows that an indie event can work regardless of the space and size of a location.  First the gallery is filled with art. Tons of it from all over the world. It took a couple of days to get everything up and priced, but that's only a tiny portion of the event. The fun includes the micro events that take place. First under the blue tent, there are Shrinky Dinks, but since there are no official Uglydoll Shrinky Dinks, this means setting up a template and hand drawing them onto the shrinking plastic. Then you...

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Uglycon Event – Uglydoll Ice-bat Turns 10 and a Marriage Proposal

Uglycon 2014 Ice-bat Turns 10. It began years ago and now it’s back in “Phase Two.” After a few Uglycons, then a hiatus, and now completed second year in a row, the event is better than ever. It’s hard to top the madness of last years event, since it was the “Return of Uglycon” which was insanely ambitious except for an even larger endeavor this year – a secret marriage proposal hatched over messenger months ago. Nick Caruana and Kim Chadwick from Buffalo, New York made a trip last year, and became friends of Uglydoll and Giant Robot. Uglycon began months ago, as bits and pieces of planning hatched and the chain of events for the day were planned. What...

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