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My sister’s birthday is this weekend, and every year I come to the same predicament of finding the best gift for her! Yes, I should be better prepared and expecting this. Her birthday falls on the same day each time, and I always have a year to think of something for her. Yet, every birthday I usually find myself in the same situation: What gift do I give her? I know she has two stable preferences: She likes anything cute, and she likes anything convenient. I’m fortunate that Giant Robot stocks numerous products that are both cute and convenient, but to help narrow down the search I also know that she absolutely LOVES Hello Kitty! Fortunately, Giant Robot offers so many Hello Kitty items for me to choose from! These Hello Kitty Ceramic Clocks are new to Giant Robot! They each feature the classic Hello Kitty, painted onto the front exterior of each ceramic clock. Direct from Japan, these clocks arrived in perfect condition. An opening in the bottom of the ceramic figure lets you reach inside the clock to adjust the time and settings. I think any sister would appreciate the classic design and accept it into their home. Another smart gift idea is this Hello Kitty Black Bento Box! I know that my sister packs her own lunch for work, and this bento box is both useful and adorable. Each bento box comes with a clear plastic interior case that seals tight in order to contain food, and it also comes with a bright pink elastic band to keep the lid of the bento box securely shut. The design features a unique style of bright pink sakura blossoms, adorning Hello Kitty. Giant Robot offers more cute and convenient items that feature Hello Kitty! Please follow the link below in order to peruse and purchase what we have available! What I Want for the Weekend: Hello Kitty at Giant Robot!
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