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Uglydoll Snowflakes – How to Make Them

  Uglydoll Snowflakes! It’s not difficult. These are among the easier snowflakes to make including templates! Tools: Printer, scissors, X-Acto knife. Here’s how. a) Print out the template. b) Fold the paper. This seems simple, but it’s not as simple as you’d think. c) Cut out the dark portions and unfold!   Uglydoll Template   Tips: The cleaner you fold, the better the result. When using the X-Acto, cut layer by layer. Don’t attempt to cut through the entire piece at one time. How to fold the paper. Photo 3 is the front – Photo 4 is the back

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20,000 Bottles Christmas Tree

It’s actually not that uncommon, if you look it up, people have made even larger trees with more plastic bottles. This one is at a Chinese hotel. If lit right, it’ll work great. Lit wrong and you’re sitting on a goldmine of bottles that should be at a recycling plant. If left outside in the US, this bottle tree would be gone by morning. There’s a video – it was removed since it autoplays. If you want to see the video of this tree, then click on the link. (Washington Post – Bottle Tree)  

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