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Here Comes Uniqlo to the US

It’s happening. Uniqlo is on their secret mission of becoming the world’s largest retailer. Why is it that while the economy still blows, a giant can continue to get more giant. They’re not selling oil, gold or diamonds at inflated prices. They’re selling cotton and polyester. Often times nearly the same as clothing makers of the past… but, who are American. The Gap and Old Navy have been around, but Uniqlo? Sounds like a name for the ages. 20-30 new stores in the US in the next eight years? Sounds doable, especially when they’re charing low prices in high rents in Soho and 5th Avenue in Manhattan, NY. Much like IKEA revolutionized dorm rooms, first time home owners, and great...

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Giant Robot Store: Kool Things by Nikki McClure

Daily Picks Here’s a few more Kool Things: Nikki McClure. Nikki McClure Calendar 2012. Every year like clockwork it comes out. The originals are paper cuts carefully created with sharp utensil on paper but flat with a single color, they look brilliant. It’s page after page of images that give you something to think about. In a month you get 12 ideas that’ll hopefully grow into great things. ($16) Mama, is it Summer Yet? There’s more than this one as well. Stories are the logical step especially with the text that often goes perfectly with the images. As McClure’s own child grows, so are the characters in her tales. (17.95) We also have other Nikki McClure books as well.   McClure Seal Poster. Nikki McClure also makes her...

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Giant Robot Pop Up Shop Nov 21 – Dec 30 at Hotel de Ville Eyewear Shop in Los Feliz

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Giant Robot Pop Up Shop Giant Robot Pop Up Shop at Hotel de Ville in Los Feliz, CA November 21 – December 30, 2011 Hotel de Ville 4646 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 664-1462 Giant Robot pops up again, this time in historic Los Feliz neighborhood inside of the Hotel de Ville shop on Hollywood Blvd. Showcasing a curated array of goods, shoppers will get a feel of the Giant Robot stores on Sawtelle in WLA. It’s a short run for the holidays and we are proud to work with a shop and brand such as Hotel de Ville. Hotel de Ville Vintage Eyewear is a preeminent shop and brand in Los Feliz showcasing...

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