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Change is Growing

The Tohoku Cotton Project is one of the many ongoing efforts to recover and empower the land and people who were affected by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Cotton was planted in the salt-soaked rice fields that had made the region famous. Farmers were given new hope to keep the land alive, and members of the community volunteered to plant and harvest the crop that would speed the recovery of the soil. Watch the film about the project. On the whole TCP is genius. It’s about better land usage, rebuilding people’s lives, becoming less dependent on imported raw materials, and moving forward. Follow the Tohoku Cotton Project on Facebook, and if you’re in Japan, keep an eye out for...

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Japan 2.0

  When we last spoke to translators for Genron, they were hard at work translating articles for the recent issue of the Shisouchizu Beta journal. Genron is a company founded by one of Japan’s premier critics, Azuma Hiroki, the author of Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals. Genron offers an accessibly fresh “critical discourse” based on “the here and now” in Japanese society. This may sound broad, but it’s merely a reflection of the journal’s range of topics. The journal analyzes everything from the otaku and gyaru subcultures to Japanese political science and literary criticism. There’s something for everyone here. It’s academically intellectual, yet journalistically readable and has information unobtainable through Western media. The new issue, Japan 2.0, confronts Japan’s looming future...

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