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Up With Art! Blithe Spirits at GR2!

For the month of June, the previous show comes down and a new show featuring the combined work of Sean Chao and Ines Estrada comes up! Blithe Spirits shows fifty-three new art pieces on display at GR2 and available for perusal and purchase through the Giant Robot Online Store as well. This show features two of our relatively new artists. Click on any of the photos to be directly taken to the online art gallery. Sean Chao is a Los Angeles based artist and was first introduced to our Giant Robot community through his first art show, “Forget Me Not,” with Ming Ong at GRSF in January 2011. His second show with Giant Robot brings us again to a miniature...

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Blithe Spirits – Sean Chao and Inés Estrada Opening

Brian Rush and Sean Chao. Brian Rush is known for blinking in photos, he does it here. Sean Chao said that Brian’s work is a great influence to him, so it’s great to see Brian come through. Works in Inés Estrada A GR cake! Chinese cake with strawberries in it. It was great. Talk explains some of his pieces. Leopard print is back! Tons of pics after the jump!

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Giant Robot Artist Interview – Inés Estrada

  Inés Estrada is an artist from Mexico City. Her works display a strong array of color and at the same time possesses a gentleness. She has an indie spirit and with her boyfriend Roi, they are Cafe Con Leche. They make zines and keep their creative energies flowing. She’s part of Blithe Spirits exhibition at Giant Robot 2 along with Sean Chao (who’s words will make it here soon). We’re proud to publish a few words with her and hope you get to know her, a bit about Mexico City, and her works a little better. Hopefully one day soon, we’ll get to meet her. Cafe Con Leche and Inés Estrada. Preview Images from Blithe Spirits.   GR: Not a lot of...

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