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Case 2 is a smaller one that's near the entrance of the Giant Robot Installation at the Japanese American National Museum Biennale 4. I'll try and explain what everything is.  From upper left: 1. Yoskay Yamamoto made a pewter version of his Astroboy head. It's super heavy and limited. It's a great piece. I have a red one as well which has a different shape. When I got burglarized at home, the thief took the red Astroboy out of the velvet bag and left it. I wonder what he thought it was.  2. Black and white photo is of myself and Martin Wong at a zine fest in Seattle in the 90s.  3. Souther Salazar Post it Show art piece....

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GR Time - Top Five of the Week

Here's the link to GR Time 9.11.15 1. Seeing artist James Jean in the iPad Pro video from the "Apple Special Event." I blogged it here.2. Biennale 4 Banner is now up on the Japanese American National Museum building. 3. I was Interviewed by Akira Boch and Lynn Yamasaki for a Biennale 4 video and by Michelle Mills for LA News Group.4. Rob Sato and Ako Castuera's Deep Fields looks super promising. I'll post photos when I visit their studio this weekend.5. Catch In Box curated by Audrey Kawasaki, if you're in LA. This exhibition has been a great pleasure to be around.

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Worcester Art Museum - Samurai! Opens Friday

The commonality of the hands on sword of Zatoichi and Mari Inukai (painted by Kent Williams) The exhibition concept began last year, somewhere before the furious cold his the East Coast. In short, the idea was to let the original Japanese armory speak to contemporary artists and see what happens. There was a lot of thinking and dreaming of the possibilities, and of course it gets distilled into what's best for the space and the audience, but perhaps one day, this exhibition will go "full dream." Curating from afar isn't the easiest way to get things done, but from the photographs, the exhibition looks tremendous. I'll be seeing it quite soon. (Worcester Art Museum) The list of artists: Miya Ando,...

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