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Driscoll’s and Japanese Americans

  When World War II ended and Japanese Americans were freed and needed work, Driscoll’s helped out. What’s Driscolls? Go to the fruit section of your market. If they’re carrying what is often knowns as the best strawberries, then you’ll see the yellow Driscoll’s sticker on it. Yes, really. This story explains a bit about the times, how the company has worked with Japanese Americans to work the fields and develop some of the best fruit today. Some of my family swears on Watsonville grown strawberries by Driscoll’s. They won’t usually buy any other brand. If they do, before anyone even tastes it, they’ll say something like, “but it’s not Driscoll’s”. Sometimes, loyalties to brands and locations (yes some of...

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The Eclipse Also Rises

Kei Fischer’s American father met her mother in Japan as an English language teacher. They married and sired her shortly thereafter. Years later, they immigrated to the United States. “I know it sounds clichéd,” Fischer said as she related her story. It may sound like every other story where an American visits Japan and returns with a wife. There’s just one thing. Kei Fischer’s mother isn’t Japanese. She’s Korean. She didn’t discover this until after death of her grandfather. It was then that her mother finally came clean. She deliberately passed herself as Japanese to avoid the negative stigma associated with Koreans in Post-War Japan. Kei Fischer constitutes a marginalized minority in Japan called Zainichi. The Zainichi consist of multigenerational...

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