Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Art Exhibition. Featherweight at West LA College curated by friend and artist Kio Griffith features a roster of artists including many from Japan who came to LA for an art fair. The reason for it to be “Featherweight”? Partially as a concept and challenge but also as a means to deal with the exorbitant prices of shipping, the pieces are mostly compact, deceptively light, but also fun. There are traditional 2d works mixed in with sculptures, some from playing cards and typical off the shelf umbrellas, to sculptures made from other light weight objects. (Rafu - Featherweight) That’s me making a sound to activate the Flora Kao sculpture. [youtube]a8kHoWLjIFs&feature=share&list=UUdgef1qFB7kPekTvRwzka0g[/youtube] [nggallery id=featherweight]
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