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Photographer Mikiko Hara Article in Getty Iris

An article on Japanese photographer Mikiko Hara is in Getty Iris, their online magazine. Last week, Mikiko Hara visited GR2 and performed a slide presentation, spoke about her work, and signed books. (See our previous blog post) The interview for Getty Iris took place at GR2, and thanks to the author, Sarah Waldorf for the mention of Giant Robot. It was an honor to host Mikiko Hara and the associated Getty staff. The above photo is of Mikiko Hara being interviewed. Kio Griffith is on the left doing translation. That's Sarah Waldorf on right behind the laptop. We are still carrying Mikiko Hara's limited edition publication, These Are Days, created for her visit. (Link)  Also see the New York Times review of These...

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Cat Sitting on Two Blocks

I squeezed in another piece that’ll be up in Balconi Coffee today. This one is titled, “Cat Sitting on Two Blocks”. It’s made from Sculpey, wood, and acrylic paint. The wood blocks are ancient. I bought a box of wood blocks at a yard sale perhaps a decade ago. I can’t recall who, but someone said it was clutter but look at it now. I discovered Sculpey from playing with it with Souther Salazar and Saelee Oh. We’d have Sculpey nights and dubbed it Sculpey Kids. We’d have others come as well and it was always fun. I haven’t touched it in years. Kika, my cat is inspecting the piece.     Below: this is is a Ray Sato art...

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