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Japanese Cat Cafes Hit with Curfew 8pm!

Yes, it’s a sad situation. People get out of work later in Japan, and arriving at 8pm to pet cats after a crappy day at work is routine for many. Now that the shops need to put away their cats at 8pm, it’s going to cause a lot of problems for some shops who have that 2 hour time as a profit center. The weird thing is that there’s plenty of fire hazards among the crammed up bars, yakitori shops, which when a fire erupts kills everyone inside. Yet cat cafes are a smoke free, alcohol free environment and they can’t keep the cats out past 8pm?! Makes little sense. (Newsday – Cat Cafe Curfew)

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Poison Cat Stew Poisons a Billionaire in China

They do eat cat in China. Yes, poisoned cat stew kills a billionaire, Long Liyuan. The article mentions that cat stew is a delicacy in the Southern regions of Guangdong, China. From the Guardian UK, “Huang, deputy director of agriculture in Guangdong’s Bajia township, is suspected of poisoning the hotpot with the herb Gelsemium elegans, according to a statement on the microblog of the investigating police. The poisonous plant is found in forests in parts of China.” The photo on the left is a Civet Cat which are evidently used in cat stew. Also it’s written that Long enjoyed house cat meat more!  

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Cat Sitting on Two Blocks

I squeezed in another piece that’ll be up in Balconi Coffee today. This one is titled, “Cat Sitting on Two Blocks”. It’s made from Sculpey, wood, and acrylic paint. The wood blocks are ancient. I bought a box of wood blocks at a yard sale perhaps a decade ago. I can’t recall who, but someone said it was clutter but look at it now. I discovered Sculpey from playing with it with Souther Salazar and Saelee Oh. We’d have Sculpey nights and dubbed it Sculpey Kids. We’d have others come as well and it was always fun. I haven’t touched it in years. Kika, my cat is inspecting the piece.     Below: this is is a Ray Sato art...

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