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Kobe Beef May Be Real Soon

We’ve reported more than once that when you see Wagyu or Kobe beef on a menu, it’s not real. It’s a fugazi. You’re eating nice meat, but it’s not Wagyu or Kobe but this is going to confuse things. The real meat will be imported soon, but it’s going to cost. So far, only two restaurant in San Francisco will get the meat. “The overall production is small due to the restricted number of farmers and slaughterhouses designated to handle the cows. Only around 3,000 cows are sent to market each year, which translates to about 700-800 tons.” (WSJ – Kobe beef)

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It’s Back! Japan Beef

No one has cared that the Wagyu or Kobe beef they’ve been eating at Black Angus is really some bootleg beef from happy cows elsewhere, that isn’t Japan. But guess what? Japan beef imports will be lifted and now you can get more confused. Who’s to know which is the real Wagyu beef or the fake bootleg beef? Now the lines will be blurred. “I think it’s from Japan” will now be the answer to the “is it real?” questions. But really, will it be really from Japan and will anyone care? Probably not and it’ll still say Wagyu or Kobe when it’s just grocery store quality. As long as the beer is flowing, of course it’s “imported”.

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Temple in Japan Ban Yakuza

Yakuza who frequent the Enryakuji temple on Mt Hiei, a traditional and historical temple are no longer allowed. While the temple is in a location that’s fairly remote, the amount of yakuza in the largest crime family, “Yamaguchi Gumi” located a distance away in Kobe with 78,000 members spread out! This is partially happening because of the Olympus Camera Company problems and scandal that involve yakuza. (FT – Enryakuji)  

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