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“Now more than a year old, the two integrated resorts in Singapore have exceeded all expectations and turned the nation into Asia’s second global gaming superpower.” Talk about fast. There are two casinos in Singapore, in operation for just over a year, and already they are on the verge of generating combined revenues that will surpass those of American gambling mecca Las Vegas. Is Vegas getting slow, or old, or both? In 2006, the Chinese city of Macau, with over three dozen casinos, surpassed Las Vegas to become the world’s largest gaming destination in terms of revenue. According to research, partly conducted by the Royal Bank of Scotland, gambling revenues this year in Singapore will exceed those in Las Vegas by about $200 million. We’re not sure if it should be a point of national pride, at least in America, to be the best at getting folks to indulge in a vice such as gambling; but it is one area in which it is getting harder to honestly say “We’re Number One.” (Jakarta Globe – Singapore Gambles and Wins)  
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