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The First Cat Island in Japan

It turns out that the 50 photos of cats on a Japanese Cat island that we linked you to, is actually “the second cat island”. There’s the first one, which is further north in Japan is called, “Tashiro-jima” There’s 100 folks on the island and the cats out number the people. It’s in Miyagi Prefecture which is fairly close to the epicenter of the 3.11 earthquake. (Care2 – Tashiro Jima) We wish there were more cat photos!

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Giant Robot Podcast: Tamlyn Tomita

In 1986, a wire thin Ralph Macchio was cast again as karate champ “Danny” in Karate Kid 2. This time, he leaves the San Fernando Valley and travels to Japan with his Karate sensei, “Miyagi” played by Pat Morita. Miyagi needs to visit his dying father. Meanwhile there’s drama between he and his old rival friend, but stealing scenes is Danny’s hot female love interest, Kumiko portrayed by Tamlyn Tomita in her acting debut.     At the time, young Asian American female leads were scarce and Tamlyn Tomita became the woman by which many Asian American females were gauged. She was the crush of kids everywhere and 25 years later is quietly celebrating her debuts 25th anniversary. Only the...

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