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Stan Sakai, one of the more unheralded comics artists and creator of Usagi Yojimbo finally has an exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum. It’s another pop culture exhibition on display at a museum. Just a a few years ago, comics weren’t okay at museums – it was controversial, and now it’s ok. Toys are fine too.

Here are some photo highlights (the Geof Darrow drawing is amazing)


See the photos below

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GR: What did you think when you first saw Jakuchu’s work?

JP: I had no idea who the artist was. I haven’t heard about Japanese art, let alone know the artists. I could see in this painting the essense of nature, the feeling of nature was captured by getting rid of everything in the actual world of a grapevine that wasn’t necessary, leaving only the essence. If you look at the painting, a grape vine doesn’t look like that. It’s only the feeling of a grapevine that comes through it’s beauty. Any artist who can take nature and make it more beautiful that’s what I fell in love with. I like to have it on exhibit in different places, I want other people a chance to see this same beauty that I see.

GR: Are you still adding to your collection?

JP: I don’t room anymore. I’ve got too much now. I want it to be seen and get it out.


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