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Get this for a cool million. I wish I could get it. Imagine, it’s 8 feet tall and 24 feet long. It can fit into a huge living room. (Business Week – T Rex) It’s also of some controversy, the President of Mongolia is asking to halt the auction! (USAToday – Mongolia) Where did it come from? Mongolia… is it legit? The auction house says so, but it’s like a National Treasure, isn’t it? Either way, hope I get to see it in person one day.   I dig dinosaurs. Really. Here’s some older photos from a previous visit to the Field Museum.   Photos from a visit to the LA Natural History Museum just this year.
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The LA Natural History Museum isn’t as large as what you might see in NYC, but it does have a First Friday program featuring an open museum and separate admission for the bands who were in this case, Mariachi El Bronx and El Haru Kuroi. Both great bands sporting a Latin flavor. The sound isn’t at it’s best inside of a museum, but the energy was high and the bands played great.

Yet, the museum itself is a spectacle. On a first friday you can check it out for the price of admission, but do be careful. $10 parking. Why so high? Perhaps it’s because the museum has been redone and each of the sections I got to see looked spectacular. Clean, up to date and of course a great section on dinosaurs which is a must have if you’re going to boast natural history. Impressive and unlike the musty aired museum I remembered from way back. The gorilla at bottom looks real.



The skeletons look as good as they do anywhere else. The collection here is no joke and it’s probably highly underrated.


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