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The Mongolian Dinosaur Saga

This is the legal and back end story of how the auction of a T Rex created a huge stink. The smuggler gets charged. This was already in the news, but after reading the below, what did Heritage Auctions suffer as a result? They should be levied a huge fine themselves for their own actions of being greedy. Their excuse probably read something like, “Uh, we didn’t know”. “I’m sorry,” Painter said, standing up. “I have to stop this.” As the video shows, the lawyer didn’t make it 10 steps before he was corralled by two auction house employees. Painter held up his cellphone and said the judge who had ordered the company to halt the sale was on the...

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T-Rex Auction is Today

Get this for a cool million. I wish I could get it. Imagine, it’s 8 feet tall and 24 feet long. It can fit into a huge living room. (Business Week – T Rex) It’s also of some controversy, the President of Mongolia is asking to halt the auction! (USAToday – Mongolia) Where did it come from? Mongolia… is it legit? The auction house says so, but it’s like a National Treasure, isn’t it? Either way, hope I get to see it in person one day.   I dig dinosaurs. Really. Here’s some older photos from a previous visit to the Field Museum.   Photos from a visit to the LA Natural History Museum just this year.

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New Dinosaur Species Zhuchengtyrannaus magnu

A new dinosaur was discovered and named. Although it’s bones were found 13 years ago during construction, this one is now named and it has a bird like appearance. It’s called,  “Yueosaurus Tiantaiensis”, or “Tiantai Yue Dinosaur” It’s part of the Ornithischians. There’s no drawing as of yet! This one is from before… Guess where he was found? China. It’s name is Zhuchengtyrannaus magnus, which translates “Tyrant from Zhucheng. All you have to know is it’s a cousin of the T-Rex. The question is how would they know what color it is?  

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