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Mangchi – David Choe, Money Mark, Steve Lee

Art by James Jean. What’s been happening with Mr Choe? Imagine a blender creating a mixture of everything you have in your fridge. It’s like mashed everything. The Mangchi album mixed strange sounds including rap, music, and noise. Barf, fart, crap, bad, funny, experimental, punk, pop, and it’s free to hear. DVDASA

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Drive Like Jehu reunion at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park

Arriving at San Diego’s Balboa Park a couple of hours early, my wife and I thought we’d take our our six-year-old daughter and her two cousins to a few museums before the Drive Like Jehu reunion show started. No such luck because they were all closed. It worked out, though, because we heard the sound check begin and booked over to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion to catch it. There were perhaps two or three dozen friends, fans, and nerds present and I was stoked to be one of them.

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Let’s get ready to wrassle in Pyongyang!

Following the glory of his 1995 pay-per-view special Collision in Korea, attended by over 150,000 obedient North Korean citizens (but more like 350,000 if you ask the North Koreans) in Pyongyang, Japanese former pro-wrestler turned pro-wrestling promoter, vitamin water and condom salesman, who does some politics on the side Kanji “Antonio” Inoki is in the midst of putting on his second international professional wrestling showcase in North Korea. Inoki not only put on the first Collision in Korea, North Korea’s first attempt to gather up the world’s top pro-fighters, he headlined it. Instead of the world’s top fighters, they got Ric Flair getting his ass kicked by Inoki. George Foreman turned down the offer to participate. The line-up was mostly...

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