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5 Chinese Books in Translation

With the Nobel Prize in Literature going to someone other than a Giant Robot staff writer, we’re now trying to jump on the band wagon and support the actual winner, Mo Yan of China. Yet where does one start? There’s plenty of books and although cinema has always been a strong point of culture in China, it’s literature is lesser known. Some of the great writers novels have become movies. We just don’t know about them. Red Sorghum, the epic film by Zhang Yimou starring Gong Li, yes, Mo Yan wrote that one. The WSJ offers a great place to start with a list of 5 novels. (WSJ – China Novels)

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Novels Written on Cellphones Become Hits

Cellphone novels? Some of you will cringe and those of you who slave over syntax of your words via computer are probably about to get mad. In Japan, authors actually create “literature” via text messages. This is an amazing feat and it’s working out. This story tells of a 21 year old, Rin who’s debut novel sold 400,000 copies and became number 5 in 2007. Our world definitely has changed, and how a novel can be written originally from texts is baffling, and they sell too? It continues to grow, even the list from last year, yields 5 of the top 10 best selling books. Imagine, seeing a person texting is no longer just sending a message, but it’s actually...

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