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5 Chinese Books in Translation

With the Nobel Prize in Literature going to someone other than a Giant Robot staff writer, we’re now trying to jump on the band wagon and support the actual winner, Mo Yan of China. Yet where does one start? There’s plenty of books and although cinema has always been a strong point of culture in China, it’s literature is lesser known. Some of the great writers novels have become movies. We just don’t know about them. Red Sorghum, the epic film by Zhang Yimou starring Gong Li, yes, Mo Yan wrote that one. The WSJ offers a great place to start with a list of 5 novels. (WSJ – China Novels)

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COMIC-CON ~ Batman’s Scott Snyder: Why Comics Still Matter

Again, this year it seems every form of mainstream media has sent a reporter to Comic-Con without even realizing why. Oogle the scantily clad cosplay girls. See the freaks. That’s it for another year. Back to the studio. What media usually fails to explain, it took best-selling author-turned-comic book writer Scott Snyder to break it down for everyone: “I know there’s a perception of comics; that they’re bombastic and fun, and there are those comics, but for a lot of us, comics are also a place where I bring everything I ever brought to anything literary,” Snyder says. “The only reason I’m happy doing comics and I don’t miss literary fiction is because every kind of dark and fascinating, exciting...

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Japanist Donald Keene is Permanently Moving to Japan

Donald Keene is moving to Japan and this piece by Slate Magazine is also a moving piece. After teaching for 50 years at Columbia University, he’s packed it up and at 89 is calling Japan his home. If you don’t know him, he’s been a savior, slave, and artist himself to Japanese culture. He’s penned, translated, lectured, and stood for many facets of Japan. Film, poetry, literature, and more. We’d have to guess that he started off as a fan. (Slate – Donald Keene)

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