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The Occupy Wall Street movement has gained traction in the past four weeks and it looks like its spirit of opposition has spread overseas. The Wallstreet Journal reports that the demand for an “Occupy Tokyo.” Activists created a Facebook group back in September, yet no fruit yielded from the seeds of dissent so far. Calls for a worldwide protest tentatively set for Oct. 15 are “scheduled” as of right now. However, people are confused as to where the protest will specifically take place, its hour, and what exactly they’re protesting to start. The Occupy Tokyo movement–if it even exists–is even more disorganized than its American cousin and that’s saying a lot. This doesn’t mean that Japan doesn’t have anything to protest against. Its youth have had their share of employment problems since its nearly bi-decennial recession with lawmakers offering little to no improvement. The Japanese have endured many of the social problems from America’s Great Recession for much longer without the public rage. If, however, Japan does manage to ignite a movement of the same magnitude of OWS, it’s doubtful that it’ll meet its goals since the 1960s student movement similarly hit a dead end. Either way, October 15th is swiftly approaching. In the mean time, keep your eyes and ears open.
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