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Japanese Innovation Allows You to Sleep Through Meetings?

In Japanese it’s called the Nemuri Tie, which in English literally means Sleep Tie. It’s a new product in Japan, and just one look at the graphic to the left will instantly show you pretty much what it is for and how to use it. It’s a pretty straight-forward idea, of course, and makes a lot of sense at first glance. But the implications of a fashion item like this are worth considering. Japanese offices typically are large rooms with many desks and no cubicle walls. Is a salaryman going to use this tie at his desk and risk getting busted for sleeping on the job? And if a guy did have a private office, wouldn’t it be easier and...

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GR NewsBot—June 02, 2011

  Coming Soon: The Smartest Town in the World “Imagine a city of the future, populated by wind-powered vehicles, with homes running on intelligent software that consume less power.” This is the plan for Fujisawa, Japan, a city about 31 miles to the west of Tokyo. A consortium of large Japanese companies, including Sumitomo Bank and Tokyo Gas, will build the Sustainable Smart Town (SST) on a vacant property where a Panasonic electronics factory used to stand. For the 3,000 residents who will live there, daily life will include electric cars, with charging stations throughout town, solar-powered homes, and a massive town-wide network to monitor energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions in the area by 70% from 1990s levels. And...

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