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The Journey of Spirit Continues

Back in June I wrote about Daeung Sunim, a Korean Buddhist monk who set out to ride his bike across Canada, the US and down across South America.  He’s made it across Canada, and met lots of people and had great hosts, and had what looks like they could have been very odd “you must like this cause you’re Asian” moments, but it all seemed to come from a really good place of being open, gracious and friendly to a stranger with a good heart. He blogs when he can, sharing pictures of his trip. His first Canadian friend, Dave Pope, who has devoted himself to helping Sunim make his journey safely, has found some help in translating some of...

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The Golden Child

I don’t know what Eddie Murphy has been up to lately, but he totally should have been on this case and figuring out what the deal was with these babies before they got roasted and covered in gold leaf. This guy is the one who got caught. He’s a British citizen born in Taiwan who is  involved in a cooked magic fetus corpse smuggling ring.  Police got a tip about some bizarro online shopping and they raided his room to find the fetuses packed in his luggage. Reports say the fetuses ranged in age from 2 to 7 months and were purchased for about $6,400 US. Chow was trying to get them into Taiwan where he could flip them for...

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China’s Hipster Buddhist Monk

Shi Daoxin is not your average Chinese Buddhist monk, and we’re not just talking about the hipster glasses. He uses an iPhone, takes copious pictures of himself, has a blog and a music career, and is very popular with the ladies. And he may be the new face of Chinese Buddhism. And, oh yeah, everything he does pretty much flies in the face of the traditional, almost clichéd, image of the Buddhist monk as a quiet, thoughtful, humble man of piety, poverty and peace. And as you might expect, Shi has created some controversy within China over his very public, almost flamboyant, approach to being a monk. Shi is 29 and has been a Buddhist monk since he was 17....

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