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$730,000 Tuna Turns into $100,000 Worth of Sushi

and no… this isn’t a photo of the actual tuna, but we’ll guarantee it looks just like this but bigger.   Odd story and a tremendous waste. Imagine, a sushi chain (which means cheaper sushi) buys a tuna for 730k but then carves it up into 10,000 pieces of sushi worth $1.50-$5 a piece meaning some mangled math telling us that they lose about 600k. The reason? It’s patriotic? Showing how dumb economics majors can be? It’s about ego, breaking records, and being dumb with money and we do hope the sushi at least tasted great. It’s written that to break even each piece needed to be something like $50+ each. (Bloomberg – 730k tuna)

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Bluefin Tuna Continues to Dwindle

Bluefin tuna… overfished. Yes, it’s not new and along with the numerous fish that’s overfished without any signs of slowing down, this one is still just in it’s infancy stage. The reports have been around for years, but until the fish is truly endangered like certain whales will things really get done. Why is that? Does thousands of tons seem like a lot? The consuming of toro is important, expensive, but can and should be limited until there’s a larger recovery. A 24% chance of recovery in a decades time? That’s extremely low odds. As much as an outcry of shark fins being cut, this will one day be of equal importance. (Guardian UK – Bluefin)

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The Five Foot Blade

Knife references appear everywhere. It’s used for threats and murder in film. Often the size of the blade is is what determines the level of threat. Below is the five foot blade. All together with the handle, it’s over six feet. This is used by modern samurai who work in the Tsukiji. The knives are usually shorter, but for that gigantic tuna, some go big. What’s Tsukiji? It’s the fish market. When a giant bluefin tuna is caught, this blade makes a single perfect slice length wise. A few cuts, and the fish is taken care of in the cleanest manner. The question? How much is one of these knives? In the end, we don’t find out. Thanks Fox… (Fox...

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