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Vote for Jon Moritsugu Film Short

  Jon Moritsugu’s latest happenings. It’s a film contest. While the world cleans up and makes sharp videos. Jon won’t hesitate to go dirty. Click a “like” if you like it. It’s 45 seconds and it’s about a film production nightmare. If you don’t know him, Jon Moritsugu is the underground film king. He makes films to his own liking, literally, and he’s one of the best in his genre. I’ve known Jon for ages, and he’s almost always left out of any Asian American cinema conversation.  

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Giant Robot Links: “Sixteen Ways”

Vivian Girls – Sixteen Ways from Gerry Maravilla on Vimeo. Gerry Maravilla, An American filmmaker currently based in El Salvador, recently directed an produced an unofficial music video for the Vivian Girls featuring their song, “Sixteen Ways.” Some of his previous projects include Donna and Vision. Watch the video(s) and tell us what you think.

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