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Worcester Museum of Art: Samurai!

Worcester Museum of Art updated their Samurai! page. Opening Party April 17th! Link Artists in the Exhibition On View
: Katsuya Terada, 
Ferris Plock, 
Rob Sato, 
Kent Williams, 
Mu Pan, 
Miya Ando, 
Moira Hahn, 
Yuko Shimizu, Masakatsu Sashie, 
Jed Henry, 
James Jean, 
 Shawn Cheng, 
Josh Cochran, 
Esao Andrews, and 
Stan Sakai Mural Project (phase two): 
Andrew Hem
, Audrey Kawasaki, 
Mari Inukai

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Worcester Museum of Art (Woostaa Museum av Aat)

Worcester is pronounced “Woosta” in local dialect, yet everyone I met there seemed to be transplants who jokingly aspire to speak that way. There’s not much here on a short visit except historical buildings, associations with Paul Revere, Boston, and the reason I’m there, the Worcester Museum of Art. Their first contact with me was regarding an exhibition. A fellow named Adam Rozan, who’s been part of art establishments including OMCA (he left before SuperAwesome took place) contacted me with powerful enthusiasm.  I wondered what could they possibly want with me, and it turns out they have the second largest collection of armor in the US next to New York’s Metropolitan Museum. A samurai show is looming on their horizon,...

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