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Zine Wisdom… by… I Said This?

I guess I said this years ago. The best part, I don’t quite recall most of it, but most still make sense. Any new advice? Think of a fun topic and go from there, but “here’s my random thoughts” zines don’t really work out. Thanks Ryan and Evan. It appeared in Electric Ant which you can buy here. What a post! ( Zine wisdom from ERIC NAKAMURA Don’t expect anyone to care about your zine, read your zine or even remember it. You most likely won’t get free shit from your crappy zine. Zines might make you a friend, but that’s about it. Even though zines are thin & sparse, they take a long time to make. Why? Because you...

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Fanzines Video

A Zine from back in the day. Psycho Moto. Ethan Minsker sent me this video. It’s a cool, short one that talks about zines, then it explains his involvement in zines and then he shows you his own work. I told Ethan that I remember his zine, and he was pleasantly surprised. This title was reviewed in Giant Robot perhaps a few times. Take a look at his video and if you want, peruse his zine digitally. (Antagonism – Psycho Moto)     Fanzine from Ethan H. Minsker on Vimeo.

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Y The Beef Zine – MICA + RISD

Sometimes going to schools to do a talk turns out better than expected. Here’s a reason. Daphne Taranto asks about making a zine. I suggest, do it fast. She does it and puts in an interview with me, nearly faster than I could reply to the questions. It’s a collab zine between two schools. Sweet and fun, it’s a great start. Don’t burn out!

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