Giant Robot Biennale 3 at JANM Photo Set 1

Here’s photo set 1. I’ll get to writing later on. This set is by Dean Gojobori who helped throughout the exhibition. People enter Albert Reyes “maze” downstairs.


That’s my introducing Rob Sato and Ako Castuera.


The Queens Court. Thanks for coming through.

IMG_8650 IMG_8649 IMG_8648 IMG_8647 IMG_8646 IMG_8645 IMG_8644 IMG_8643 IMG_8642 IMG_8641 IMG_8640 IMG_8639 IMG_8638 IMG_8637 IMG_8636 IMG_8635 IMG_8633 IMG_8631 IMG_8630 IMG_8629 IMG_8628 IMG_8627 IMG_8626 IMG_8625 IMG_8624 IMG_8623 IMG_8622 IMG_8621 IMG_8620 IMG_8619 IMG_8618 IMG_8617 IMG_8616 IMG_8615 IMG_8614 IMG_8613 IMG_8612 IMG_8611 IMG_8610 IMG_8609 IMG_8608 IMG_8607 IMG_8606 IMG_8605 IMG_8604 IMG_8603 IMG_8602 IMG_8601 IMG_8600 IMG_8599 IMG_8598 IMG_8597 IMG_8596 IMG_8595 IMG_8594 IMG_8593 IMG_8592 IMG_8591 IMG_8590 IMG_8589 IMG_8588 IMG_8587 IMG_8586 IMG_8585 IMG_8584 IMG_8583 IMG_8582 IMG_8581 IMG_8580 IMG_8579 IMG_8578 IMG_8577 IMG_8576 IMG_8575 IMG_8574 IMG_8572 IMG_8571 IMG_8570 IMG_8569 IMG_8568 IMG_8567 IMG_8566 IMG_8565 IMG_8564 IMG_8563 IMG_8562 IMG_8561 IMG_8560 IMG_8559 IMG_8558 IMG_8557 IMG_8556 IMG_8555 IMG_8554 IMG_8553 IMG_8552 IMG_8551 IMG_8550 IMG_8549 IMG_8548 IMG_8547 IMG_8546 IMG_8545 IMG_8544 IMG_8543 IMG_8542 IMG_8541 IMG_8540 IMG_8539