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Giant Robot Biennale 4 Artist List and Official Press Release

GIANT ROBOT BIENNALE 4 Participating Artists Esao Andrews Luke Chueh Hamburger Eyes Haroshi Andrew Hem Mari Inukai James Jean Audrey Kawasaki Kim Jung Gi kozyndan Jim Lee Mike Lee Nathan Ota Mu Pan Yumi Sakugawa Shizu Saldamando Masakatsu Sashie Rob Sato Amy Sol Katsuya Terada Edwin Ushiro Ai Yamaguchi Yoskay Yamamoto     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                  CONTACT: Leslie Unger                                                          213.830.5690  GIANT ROBOT BIENNALE RETURNS TO JANM FOR FOURTH INSTALLMENT   LOS ANGELES – The Japanese American National Museum will open Giant Robot Biennale 4, its fourth exhibition...

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Giant Robot Biennale 3 at JANM Photo Set 1

Here’s photo set 1. I’ll get to writing later on. This set is by Dean Gojobori who helped throughout the exhibition. People enter Albert Reyes “maze” downstairs.   That’s my introducing Rob Sato and Ako Castuera.   The Queens Court. Thanks for coming through.

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Scenes From a Biennale 2

The banner is getting installed, but after finding a few snags in the print out, it’s all getting redone. Damn. So close, but not close enough. It’s a good looking wall.   Eishi Takaoka sculpture. The light was dim, so the photo is too.   Lynn Yamasaki… she made GR Jello. Those are Big Boss Robots in there. Seriously great and they taste great too.  

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