GR2 – Printed Matter – The Dry Run


GR2. The dry run. It was 6:35pm and we’re scheduled to be open at 6:30pm. We heard some knocks, people are standing outside, some just opened the door and walked in. It signaled the opening of GR2. There was no speech or meditations on the project, it was a situation of having to be ready because of what the clock told us. As each minute passed us, we were muttering “we need to open,” and then even while we were not quite done, we opened the doors. People drifted in looking up and around. Those who frequent GR2, noticed a huge difference, those who don’t, just walked in as if this is how it’s always been.

It took a little over a week and the new GR2 is done. This isn’t the grand re-opening, we’re saving that for after the tweaks and so forth. Year of the Dragon show Jan 28th. It’ll be manager Michelle Borok’s last art show before she moves to Mongolia. Sadness for us and a strong hello to Mongolia. GR2 will be a work in progress and hopefully it’ll continue that way for a while.


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