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Art Center Exhibition Winter 2011: Concept Cars, Art, and Graphics

The local news in Los Angeles, love picking up on Art Center graduation concept cars and I can see why. The cars are futuristic concepts designed by tomorrows car designers. Thanks for modeling technology, the quality of what’s shown looks as professional as ever. I’d like to have some of these are remote control cars. The rest of the work is strong and consistent throughout, and each section is as fresh and can be. I shot a bunch of photos so you can have a walk through of what I saw including tons of Asians. Art Center is filled with Asian students and at a graduation exhibition, you see the families which mean Asians multiplied. Here’s my photo set from...

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442nd Photo Project: Japanese Americans in WWII

A little about the 442nd Japanese American battalion. The KCET article is basically introducing the work of Art Center photography student Michelle Kunz. If you go to Michelle’s site you’ll see the project. (Michelle Kunz – Go For Broke). This modern photography approach works well, and of all people who get photographed, artists, cute girls, etc, it’s the living 442nd who deserves it as much.

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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Jesse Fillingham

  Giant Robot 2 is always proud to host Jesse Fillingham. Alongside Jeni Yang, we exhibited Fillingham at Giant Robot 2 in 2011. Here’s some images. Below is the piece from Robots which was happily sold.     When’s he not doing his own work, he teams up with his artist friend, James Chong and together they are Never Press. We hosted that at CineFamily as part of a Sion Sono screening. Take a look at their goods! Fillingham will also be exhibiting at MOHS in Denmark.        

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