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Giant Robot Store: Totoro Mash Up Exhibition Nov 12 - Jan 15

Giant Robot Store: Pop Soup Series - Totoro Mash Up Exhibition Nov 12 - Jan 15 Particpating artists include: Flat Bonnie, Jon Lau, Jesse Tise, Patrick Hruby, Nikki Longfish, Kevin Luong, Mari Inukai, Leonardo Santamaria, Jeff McMillan, Junyi Wu, Dany Paragouteva, Lisa Kogawa, Nikko de Leon, Christy Saguanpong, Brian Luong, Michael Fleming, Joey Stupor, Aaron Brown, Ray Young Chu, Sean Chao, Eunice San Miguel, Bryan Wong, Vanessa Ramirez. Curated by the great Cassia Lupo. 

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Hellen Jo x Jen Wang at GR2 Video and Audio

The Talk took place on 10.30.16 and although it was a rainy morning, people came out to hear Hellen Jo and Jen Wang talk about indie comics and art. Although it was for the both of them to talk about whatever they wanted, Jen Wang definitely took control and came prepared to unpeel Hellen Jo just a tiny bit. Enjoy. It's fruitful.   The YouTube video is embedded above but can also be accessed at the YouTube Link. The Audio is located at our Soundcloud page or embedded below.    More photos at our flickr page.

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GR2: Beings and Things - Godeleine de Rosamel Nov 12 - Nov 30

Godeleine de Rosamel Beings & Things GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 424 - 246 - 7626 It all started a few years ago with a precise image I had of a herd of jelly-bean shaped animals. This image came from nowhere, but I followed it, and since then a variety of different species joined the group. I begin with an idea for a new type being, adapted or evolved from reality but not close to anything that really exists. I usually draw it first and then transform the drawing into a clay figure that expresses what I had in mind. That’s how a new species is created. Sometimes I don’t like it enough to make it endure for...

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